Sunday, January 13, 2013

Overdue October Snapshots

Oh hey.  Just a little two month break.  I don't know why I stopped updating because I really do like the way writing things on here makes me feel connected and like people at home know what's going on in my life.  Just got out of the habit, I guess.  

Here's a post that I started writing back in October and never finished, so I'll just start there.  More soon.

Not to be dramatic or anything, but I am this sunflower.  Without sun, I shrivel and I die.  Actually had that thought as I threw this away.  Did I mention I hate cold weather and I love sun, and we are currently in the 6 month period where we see no sun and have lots of cold weather?

Salted butter caramel sauce AND the famous Christian Constant chocolate tart??  Perfection!

Just to drink on the side, please.

Kyle pointed out that skipping is a MUCH more efficient method for getting across town.  Not only do you get there twice as fast, but it's fun.  So we skipped all the way home from the Arc de Triomphe.  That's Maygan and Kyle up there just skipping away.  Wait up!!  Skip, skip.

Try it, it's the best.

Sunday brunch at a cafe on Rue Cler, my old stomping grounds.  Something about this scene just reaffirms my love for France.  Bread basket.  Carafe.  Wine glass for my water.  Teeny cup of espresso with teeny saucer of hot milk.  Love, love, love.

So much rain.  All the time.  All the time rain.

I do NOT recommend wearing sweater boots when it's raining.

Simon and Graham had a competition to see who could throw an acorn into the trash can outside by the street while having your foot touching the waters.  Whoever won got to leave early.  These are the little shenanigans that make me love working in the front office.  I don't want to go back to the back office, ever again!  Congrats, Graham.

My mom's birthday pastry

Scott, a guide from last year came to visit, and I must say he looks fabulous in my Marie Antoinette wig.

After dinner with M&K, we went to O Chateau to have wine, and they brought us a plate of macarons!

AND  a piece of birthday cake!!  (It was the chef's birthday)

My fake sister, Joani Sister Taylor Depp came to Paris!!!  I invited her to Dernier Metro and asked them to raise up the hidden container from under the floor in order trap her where she was seated so she can never leave.

It has been TOO long!! Joani and I met on the study abroad trip almost TEN years ago that made us both fall in love with France forever.  We both had really short almost black hair back then, so someone on the first day asked if we were sisters.  And it stuck.  And also we became BF4E.

Later that evening, Hannah came prepared with her new beanie.

And really stuck it out when the rain came down.  We all chose to cross over to the awning to wait it out.  Not Hannah.  Trooper.

And that was a random week in October.  I'm going to attempt to restart this bad boy from the sad pile of nothing it has become as of late.  Happy New Year!