Sunday, March 6, 2011


I'm going to finish packing, get on a plane, and move to Paris!!!

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  1. Julie
    I am so excited for you. Praying the Lord will provide you with a place to stay. Also praying for strength as you start a new job after a long journey. Finally I am praying for some new great friends in Paris.

    Also I understand that France has all these cool things, like cafes, cheese and wine. And I think that it is great that you are on this adventure and truly living out your dream in Paris.

    However, I wanted to just give you a reminder of home. I think that George strait says it best:

    There wouldn't be no Alamo
    No Cowboys in the Super Bowl
    No "Lonesome Dove", No "Yellow Rose"
    If it wasn't for Texas.

    I wouldn't be a Willie fan
    Nobody would swim the Rio Grand
    I wouldn't be an American
    If it wasn't for Texas.

    Fort Worth would never cross my mind
    There'd be no Austin city limit sign
    No Lone Star of any kind,
    If it wasn't for Texas.

    Hook Em Sister!