Friday, February 24, 2012

Snapshots 2.06-2.12


Midnight at a birthday gathering. Professor McGonagall was there.

Office disaster zone. Making some changes before the newbies start training tomorrow.

Flight to Dallas: Maybe my best flight so far. Right behind first class in that little section, mostly empty plane, whole row to myself, slept laying down for 4 hours, lots of space, smooth ride, felt refreshed all day.

Perfect roomie hang-out with Kat: Pei Wei + Breaking Dawn at the Dollar Theater + Sleepover + Popcorn + Falling asleep on the couch to Pride & Prejudice. I miss this.

A great dinner w/ the girls, having my favorite salad in the world. Snappy Salads, build-your-own, Asian style. Could eat. every. day.

Oh how I love a French manicure, let me count the ways.  Super relaxing mani/pedi with Lee.  I forgot how much I love this.

The big day!!!

A little dance party just before walking the aisle

"I'm getting married today! A woo-hoo!!"
LOVED having the college roommates back together again.

Bon voyage!

From the reception.
What a beautiful combination of flowers. Made me happy to get to look at them the rest of the week. Bianca, you will get your jars back.

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