Friday, August 31, 2012

Vivant: Dual Deliciosity

On an unexpected street,

in a tiny space 

that was once an exotic bird shop 

a mere 100 years ago

with the original tiles still on the walls,

you will find Vivant.

Garth, that was a haiku.

Known for such delicious things.  First and foremost, its good-looking tatooed chef owner, Pierre, please see below.

(Pursing lips) Mm-hmm.  Do you see this? Do you?  Oh I'm sorry, so you're...incredibly good looking, and you can cook, and you know all about wine?  Well that's not that attractive, I mean only if you like that sort of thing.

Did I mention that I actually changed my name to Julie "inexplicable obsession with chefs" Neis?

If you can tear your eyes away for a moment, it's also know for its delicious Italian-inspired French cuisine and natural wines.

 Rabbit terrine

 4 people, 4 different starters (smoked mozarella tartine, fresh legume salad, shaved parma ham, terrine), split 4 ways, to try everything. (My kind of people.)

Perfectly cooked milk-fed veal with summer vegetables, a giant portion

 with a side of crispy buttery polenta

 Heavenly rich creamy chocolate ganache with light-as-air meringue that I dream about nightly, garnished with sesame seeds

I will return, oh yes, I will return.

And marry Pierre.

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