Sunday, August 28, 2011

Back From the Dead + Time Travel

I’m alive.
One can hardly believe it.  I’ve come to the momentous realization that I can’t update a blog without an internet connection.  Fascinating, I know.  I’ll explain this phenomenon later.

Short and Sweet
I’ve also come to realize that if I want to update this thing, I have to keep it short and sweet.  I like telling stories, but it takes too long, I put it off, and now it's almost September and this thing has cobwebs on it.  So from now on, I’m aiming for little snapshots.

Time Travel
There is an amazing coffee shop close to where I live called Coutume, and they have a 24-hour cold drip extrapolator device that my friends and I suspect is actually used for time travel:

And that’s what I’m going to use.  

July and August were two pretty amazing months, and I refuse to pretend they didn’t happen.  I REFUSE!!  I want July & August in my little Paris journal documentary story blog for myself, and I’m going to give them July & August dates as if I had actually kept up.  Let’s all just pretend.

So to recap, my goals are thus:
1. Update blog.
2. Short & sweet.
3. Coffee maker time travel.

Set the dials to July, here we go.

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  1. welcome back!!! i watched your episode on dvr! my mom did too- told her all about it! she was all giggles and says oh i remember your golden girl days! hehehehe