Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Treehouse, the Pastry Tree & a Zombie Stroll

Cocktail Party at the Treehouse 

The Treehouse is the 6th floor apartment of 2 veteran guides, Billy & Golden.  For the last weekend in October, and thus the last weekend where all the guides & staff would be together in Paris before people started parting ways, we decided to go classy and have a cocktail party.  Girls wore dresses and heels.  Guys wore something other than a Fat Tire t-shirt (whoa).

On the metro ride over, we talked about how this was obviously just a normal part of our glamorous Paris life.  "Oh I'm just on my way to a cocktail my cocktail dress and heels...just like every weekend."  Although this was technically the last Saturday we'd have together, Halloween was on Monday night, so a costume party was obviously in order.  That was the official last big group get-together.  More on that later.

Epic brunch at La Bellevilloise

How adorable was this place? Let me count the ways.  Live piano and singing, tables everywhere, juice bar, bottomless cups of coffee (unheard of in Paris), all-you-can-eat brunch (also unheard of), funky decorations, huge open room, skylight roof.  I will be returning!!

Billy described this brunch spot the night before, and at some point he waxed poetic about bounties of pastries and bread baskets and croissants just hanging from trees and spilling out all over the place, and I thought, "Surely he's exaggerating." but no...There was, in fact, a bountiful pastry tree.

I'm already looking into planting one in my living room.

Up next...I don't even think I can talk about these without drooling all over your face.
Nutella. Beignets.

I'm just...I'm just speechless.  I'm just looking at you, and my eyes are open, but they're wide and they're like, "Can you believe this???"  That's all.  Just come to Paris, and go to this brunch place, and get 90 of these.

Daisies in the Park

Afterwards, Billy bought us all gerber daisies, and we hung out and stared at the beautiful fall colors, twirling our daisies all the while.

Even the guys.  It was adorable.  I love Billy.

Zombie Cemetery Stroll 

Paris has a famous cemetery called Pere Lachaise, and I had still never been!  Famous graves include Jim Morrison, Oscar Wilde, Edith Piaf, and Gertrude Stein.  I never knew a cemetery could be so beautiful!  It's like a park with paved cobblestone paths, beautiful bright orange and yellow trees, and gigantic family tombs lined up side by side with their own decor and style and story, mostly hundreds of years old.

My camera died, so I didn't get many pictures but this is another place I must return to.

When it's the day before Halloween, and one is in a cemetery, one cannot resist the urge to act like zombies.

Should it have gotten old at some point?  Maybe.

Did it?

Nope, not even a little.

Sitting zombie. Love it.  Happy Halloween!

Oh it's December? Meh.

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