Sunday, December 4, 2011

Life Updates

A few life updates include the following:

1. New Job

I don't think I ever really mentioned this in detail.  In August, I got a new job!  The owner of Fat Tire decided to start a new company, Easy Pass Tours, a set of skip-the-line tours for all the major monuments and museums in Paris.

They offered me a position as Operations Manager to start up this new business, create all the new tours, and maintain operations in Paris (and eventually London).  Surprise! Which means I'm here in Paris for at least one more year.

I started mid-August, and we launched the first tour for the Eiffel Tower on September 9th.  With only a month to get it all going, it was crazy town.  Since then, we've started a skip-the-line Musée D'Orsay tour and a VIP private entry Pompidou tour.  I'm supposed to get 5-6 additional new tours up and running this spring.  Yipe!

2. New Apartment

On October 21st, I moved into a new apartment!  It has 3 things I absolutely love: Kitchen space, an oven, and a real shower.  No washing machine means I will have to get used to going to a laundromat.  I'll take some normal pictures of it soon, but for now, here's a picture where you can see part of it:

I've never been so excited about having an oven before.  Such a rarity.  Check out this Paris standards, gigantic.  3 people in a kitchen at once??  It's UNHEARD OF.

3. New roommate
This is my new roommie, Jillian!  Jillian, Anne, and I were the 3 new office ladies hired to work the full season this year, so we went through training and all other craziness together.  Jillian took over as Office Manager when Amanda moved to Berlin, which  means she's here for at least another year, too.  We both share mild obsessions with the Paris food culture and are determined to break our way into the inner circle of foodie celebrities.  It's going to be fun living with her.

4. Home for Christmas

I'm coming home in just 10 DAYS!! Yay!!!  I'll be in Dallas from Dec. 15-January 1st, then I'll go to Austin for work Jan 2nd - 6th, then fly back to Paris on the 7th.  I can't WAIT to spend time at home with my family, hang out with friends, eat at all my favorite spots, and have waiters bend over backwards to refill my drink with superficial over-the-top friendliness.  I know that time will fly by, but I'm so excited.  Christmas is my favorite!!

Tonight, people are coming over to decorate Christmas cookies!! Wahoo!!  Which means I need to get back to cleaning.  See you soon!!

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