Sunday, December 18, 2011

Jethro's Night Bike

Jethro's Night Bike

A long awaited challenge, finally fulfilled!  You may observe the following from the photo below: disheveled swoopy hair, semi-funky glasses, scarf, knitted grandma cardigan.  This is Jeff, and all signs point to hipster.  He's cool, he does cool bike tricks, he's in a special club for people who only ride fixed gear bikes, and he secretly spends more time on his hair than I do.

And we love him.  He's not I'm-too-cool-for-you cool, he's genuine and super sweet.  I just would never ever have guessed that he has the ability to break out a super thick East Texas accent because he's so far from a country boy.

One night he displayed this amazing East Texas alter ego to me, complete with long drawn-out vowels and frequent use of the words "Aw honey", "y'all", "tumble weed", and "cactus flower", to name a few.  It completely FREAKS me out and cracks me up because there is just nothing. country. about Jeff.

Thus the challenge was extended for him to lead his last night bike tour, all 4 hours, with full accent, as his East Texas alter ego, Jethro.

And that he did.  Voila, transformation!

He introduced himself as Jethro, kept the accent up the whole time to the group, threw in y'alls every other word, and was just pure country boy as he talked about everything from Notre Dame to the Louvre ("that lil ol museum I was talkin' bout earlier").

We even had a nametag made for his tip jar.

I laughed through that entire bike ride, it was a blast.

Dust Bunny, here's to you, to your accent, and to your last night bike!  Paris misses you!

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