Saturday, April 7, 2012

Snapshots 3.26-4.01

Still dog sitting Buckley while Maygan & Kyle were in Houston.  Monday morning was a beautiful day taking him out for a little walk before work. Spring is finally here!! Just this week, green leaves started showing up on the trees.  After months of bare branches and brown everywhere, suddenly there are bright green leaves & little flowers everywhere adding color to the streets, and I LOVE it!!

Early morning bike ride as the sun rises on my way into work.  We have a big tourism conference to attend!
Believe it. This is how we conference. We talked with people nonstop back to back all day and were declared the best looking and most fun booth at the conference.  Duh.  Look at the booth next to us, anyone want to talk to that guy?  Boooooring.  
The Austin team is still in town, so after the conference, we all head to one of our favorite cheap spots, Bo Bun!!  We just call it Bo Bun because that's what we always get.  And it's not actually real bo bun, it's spaghetti noodles with meat & spring rolls, and we actually saw the owner, a communist professor, walk into the kitchen carrying a bag of cheap frozen ground beef.  That's fresh!  But we don't care, it's the atmosphere in this tiny spot, the cheapness of everything which is so rare in Paris, and the fact that they always remember us and help us to squeeze into the tiny spot.  And seriously, he does something to that ground beef to make it taste good.  Plus you just pour Sriracha sauce all over it and MM!

Day 2 of the conference, the morning where nothing works, and we have to be creative in order get our banners up.  Exhibit A, cheap pen wedged into tiny crevice to hold up very expensive banner that threatens to collapse at any moment.  More on the conference & our creative handiwork later.

We are offering a new tour w/ Easy Pass, a skip-the-line Versailles day tour that I have been working on FOREVER. Thursday morning I was doing a run-through with my two new guides, Marcus & Aaron.  This is about 1/4 of the line.  You can see that it continues up further going left, and keeps on going far behind me to the right.  Daaaaang.
Dinner at La Rotunde w/ Jillian & Alexa!
 Where the desserts were fantastic
And the straws were glow-y
And the ceiling was just okay.
Karl displays his magnificent and much-loved Louis XIV impression.
Not bad, I must say.  Louis loved his calves.  How bout this outfit?  Guys, I'd like you to design me a gigantic quilted blanket robe that attaches to a small cabinet that I can drag my crown around on behind me, and continues to flow into a chair, in case I get tired, so that my robe, the crown holder, and the chair are just all one piece.  Also, I'd like for it to hike up nice and high on one side to reveal a tiny ruffled petticoat that no man should ever wear, oh and make sure it has a pocket to hold my giant sword, to compensate for the petticoat.  Red heels would be a nice compliment.  This will say "I am king, my legs are sexy, BUT I'M STILL MANLY, and I travel with furniture."  However, someone please fire my hairdresser.


A gorgeous Saturday!  What should I do on such a beautiful day as this?...
Laundry!!!  Contain your jealousy, everyone.
HELLO??? IS THIS NORMAL???  Look, I'm sorry that I have 19 different pictures of the Eiffel Tower in every post, and that perhaps it's getting boring, but I don't get bored with it.  I'm still in shock and think it's ridiculous that while I'm taking the dog for a walk, I see a view that should be on a postcard!! And I hope I never get over it.  
Oh, what a natural exactly square growth this tree has taken on. Welcome to French gardening.   French gardening is all about man's control over nature.  You can thank Louis XIV and his fabulous calves for that, because he wanted to control it ALL.  Except for his hair, which obviously could've used some work.  And a chi.  Maybe a hat.

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