Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Snapshots 4.09-15

Nothing like a little cemetery research for our new skip-the-line Catacombs tour. How cool is that blue??
Thanks to today's recon mission, we now start in Montparnasse Cemetery before going underground.

Horse loves eggs.  Happy Easter, Horse!
Patrick Roger, a big time chocolatier, takes real eggs, fills them with a soft chocolate shell, and then fills that with hazelnut cream.  Here Jillian cracks the first egg!
Behold, deliciousness.

Front right, Justin. Arrested today for outrunning the cops on his bike.  Hilarious because Justin is THE nicest, most polite and docile human being you will ever meet.  He made it across town, with multiple bike cops & squad cars in tow chasing him and radioing to each other.  I saw him fly by the front office and thought, "Wow, Justin's going fast."  He threw his bike in the back office and said, "Oh hey, Sadie. I think I'm about to get arrested."  And then he did.


Meet my friends saucisson, gorgonzola, and cumin-infused gouda.

We amaze ourselves with our Frenchness! Starting our pre-dinner apero of cheese, charcuterie & wine at 9pm, dinner just having gone in the oven, candles and all.  And this for our chill night in.  We are fancy & French!!
Award for most random color to have on head to toe! A full turquoise-green outfit! Bravo!
Lemony white beans with fresh herbs, shredded chicken, and a mint-almond pesto! Mmm!
Asparagus season...glad you're here!
Yep. There's a swimsuit there.  Maygan's actually decided to replace everything in her wardrobe and will only wear blue-green from here on out.


I love getting mail!!  And the fact that they had to clarify that the address was for "Bullforg Bike".  Forg.  

What?? No I didn't put the address there so you could send me mail or write me a letter or just so I can have some mail!! Why would I do that?  I don't care.  It's not fun.  Who writes letters?  I accept them here at work, or at my apartment at 3 Avenue de Champaubert, Paris 75015.  

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