Saturday, May 5, 2012

Snapshots: 4.16-4.22

Monday 4.16
Simon has never looked so manly, driving off on his Harley with a tiny dainty jewelry bag.  Ta-ta!  (And congrats!!)
Trying to gently break into Patrick Roger praline egg #2.  There's no way to describe the anticipation of trying to gently rip into this thing. Although Jillian is doing a pretty good job communicating with her face here.

Tuesday 4.17
Oh. This lamb shoulder. Finally eating at a delicious restaurant called Au Passage that I've heard about for months.  We got the last shoulder of lamb for the evening.  Slow roasted all day...perfectly crisp and browned on the outside...
And you could have cut it with a spoon.
No forget spoons. This is so good we are just going caveman style on the last remaining pieces.  There is actually a guy with us at the table, but it's the girls who are just ripping into the meat with our bare hands.  Not to mention it appears Joy is being stabbed in the eye with the edge of the bone.  These are my kind of ladies.

It was the best lamb I've ever had, and I dream about it sometimes.

Wednesday 4/18
I challenge anyone to have better contacts in their inbox than convos #2 and 3

Thursday 4/19
Ceiling of St. Lazare train station

Friday 4/20
Had our first Catacombs tour on Friday!  Walking to the exit to meet the group as they come out from underground, and the ominous ever-present dark clouds parted for an hour to show some sky!!  There is hope!

Saturday 4/21
Scratch that.  Lovely week ahead!!  But there's still a light at the end of this cold & rainy tunnel, bc next Thursday I'm OUTTA HERE!!

 Being resourceful from my Saturday night ingredients, when I made roasted potatoes, vegetables, and leeks (my first time to cook with leeks!) with a poached egg on top.  This morning - scrambled eggs with the green part of the leeks finely diced (after being blanched & sauteed) & prosciutto. Yum!
We saw this little guy popping out from a covered restaurant terrace on Sunday night, ready to kill.  My friend Adam is back in Paris for the summer, yay!!  He, Jillian, and I went to an Italian restaurant in the 6th that we decided was certainly the best in all of Paris.  Actually it was completely average, and since Adam never branches out of his all-pastry diet to eat real food, we insisted that this could not and would not be his only human food meal this summer.  Killer here agrees.

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  1. I literally about died laughing due to the last entry. I hadn't been paying attention to the pictures until after I read about what I am about to view. I was curious what part of town that was in and how to avoid it. Glad things are still right with the world.