Monday, May 7, 2012

Snapshots: 4.23-29

Blown over bike.  Continuing the theme of cold and windy.


Riding through pink!

It actually started raining on us as we were waiting to go up the stairs onto the plane. As if I weren't ready enough to escape the cold and gray. Adios Paris!

...and hola to my new dot location!

The great thing about traveling by yourself is you end up in situations that you would normally never sign up for.  For example, spending your whole vacation with someone you just met, in a toy car.  You hardly want to drive to a coffee shop with someone you don't know, let alone decide to spend your vacation with them in Mallorca in a 3 square foot space.  But Greg turned out to be a great travel buddy.  

Greg is an Australian living in Liverpool who, like me, wanted to escape the incessant cold and rain with a weekend beach trip.  He walked into the cafe where I was having morning cafe con leche with maps spread out in front of me, trying to decide what to do on a beach vacation when it's supposed to be cloudy all day. We recognized each other from the hostel the night before, so he sat down.  After chatting for a while, we decided to go in together on a car rental and explore the island.  And it was great!

Route planning, with a view.


How many people does it take to access the engine of a Smart Car?  Turns out there was no oil in it at all.

 And we're back!

  The island's rugged terrain and dramatic cliffs are beautiful.

Should be a Smart Car ad.

Signs of a good day in my lap: Camera, sunglasses, and free towel, gifted to me by the island.

Absurdly large and delicious sandwich.

 Beautiful secluded beach.

Mountains of sea salt.

Available for purchase

Gorgeous beach #2

And all my Spanish tapas cravings come true.

What's not to like about Saturday??




Repeat question, insert Sunday.

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