Thursday, September 8, 2011

Dernier Metro, Dernier Months

I had so much fun this night with 3 wonderful office gals, Bethany, Patricia, & Kristin.

We went to our favorite bistro, Dernier Metro ("The Last Metro") for dinner. 

Close to work, a Fat Tire favorite, they recognize and give us deals, and it's very French and adorable.  

We got wine, we talked life, we laughed.  Over wooden boards piled with cheese and meat.  What could be better?

We had a fun metro ride that involved purses

Lip gloss

And jeans

One of the tour guides, Peaches, was leaving the next day to go to grad school in California, so we went to his going away party.

I had a moment of realization that night as I greeted everyone in the apartment hello (with “la bise”, French cheek kisses) and talked and laughed with different people throughout the night.  I have really come to enjoy and love these people, all in different ways and with varying levels of closeness.  

And I realized that everyone’s leaving at the end of October.  I have a limited amount of time together with these people.  You bond with people little by little over the course of 5 months, working hard together, dealing with stress & exhaustion, but also spending time laughing and joking around.  It’s weird.  

I’ve made it a point since then to maximize the next couple months I have left with this group of people, some who I might never see again.  I hugged Peaches goodbye and actually teared up while walking back to the metro.  It’s a weird deal…connecting with people and then parting, going different directions in life. 

The good thing I took away from that night is to enjoy being with people while I can, before everyone leaves.  Take advantage of the time.

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