Thursday, September 29, 2011

Frenchie Wine Bar

On an adorable side street…

Good food

The chef closed down his main restaurant that night for a family meal.  We were at the smaller wine bar across the way.  His little son was kind enough to clean up for the evening.

With pacifier in mouth. 

What? Jillian’s friend Trevor is adorable?  Oh, I didn't even notice.

Ok I noticed.

Must go back soon.  Can you get tired of eating delicious things and drinking good wine on an adorable cobblestone street in Paris?  I'd wager to say no.  I'd WAGER.  And going to the actual restaurant, "Frenchie", is a must.  Been on my list all year.  Evenings like this make me want to sigh all over the place.  Paris is magical. 

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