Friday, September 2, 2011

One of my favorite days

Let's set the time machine back to July 14th.

July 14th = Bastille Day = France’s Independence Day > My 4th of July

(That means "greater than" my 4th of July, not "arrow" my 4th of July.  It's an equation.  With two equal signs.  It's possible, you probably just didn't go into high enough level math.)

I'm smart.

What I'm saying is: Bastille Day had much more to offer than my sad fruit on the 4th of July.  Let's do some more math.

[Hanging out at the Eiffel tower + Barefoot in the grass all day + (Picnic x 12 hours) + Friends + Concert + Wine + BBQ] x [(Fireworks + Awesome) / Eiffel]^10 = !

Those of us who were off work had the duty of arriving early, camping out, and securing a good spot in the park for the Fat Tire crew.  Several of us got there around 1pm, prepared for a glorious 12-hour day.

We brought rope & rigged up our own little makeshift fence, saving ourselves a nice big square of grass in the back.  Our own Fat Tire play pen area.  As empty as it was at 2pm...
 By sunset, we’d be elbow to elbow with the rest of Paris. 
Surprisingly…it worked.  People respected the fence.  Look, you can still see it there. 

We had TEXAS BBQ delivered!

I'm sorry, is this real??


The fireworks were outstanding

I cried.


  1. omigosh! what an glorious experience! i would've def cried too!