Friday, January 20, 2012

Baguette & Pizza Cookies

Pretend it's December.  If you want to hire me to make you unique frosted Christmas cookies, you can and should.  

Alexa and I decided we must have an evening for decorating cookies. She had a top secret family recipe, so we gathered the troops for an evening of cookie decorating, Christmas songs, hot spiced wine, and general merriment.

First, Alexa and I did the hard, hard work of making awesome cookie shapes, mostly by hand because we could only find tiny cookie cutters, with the most Christmas-y shape being "star", "bear", "heart", and "hippopotamus" (top left corner).  We made the candy canes, trees, and ornaments (i.e. circles) ourselves.

We played Mariah Carey songs about 5x each on repeat and danced all OVER that kitchen.  Everyone knows that "All I Want for Christmas" wins best Christmas dance song for 10 years straight.  I think there was a point in the song where we threw lettuce in the air and I pretended to dump marinara sauce on my face, but that's neither here nor there.

Traditional cookie shapes are cool and everything, but after 20-something candy canes, you crave a little variety.  Here's the mustache & baguette cookies...

Culturally appropriate!!

And other traditional Christmas favorites, such as the pumpkin cookie, the pizza slice, fish, giant wish bone, and handgun.

There's two baguettes cookies because I might accidentally eat the first one before we can decorate it just because it looks like a baguette, and I'm conditioned to eat baguettes instantly once they are within arm's reach.

I think my pizza cookie turned out really nice...Look, I haven't even touched the bear or the star.  Losers.

Sorry you're not from Texas and you didn't think to make a .40 caliber handgun cookie.  Maybe next year.

Ok let's be for real though. Look at the size of the handgun cookie next to this GIANT ornament cookie.  It's like a chipmunk pistol.

You can barely see Karl in this picture, but he was the one brave male in the bunch.  Way to be!  He and Hanna created my FAVORITE cookies, the Segway & the customer falling off the Segway.  (Happens a lot, ouch.)

And a shout out to Fat Tire

These beautiful cookies sat at work and tormented me for days with their buttery deliciousness.  Worth it!!

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  1. Awesome. I want the hippo and the hipster mustache cookies! Loved the gun one, too. I'll be in Paris next Christmastime, but I am not a wise one to put around things easily shaped and decorated into whatever I like. It always winds up inappropriate. Mull that over before I am invited.