Sunday, January 29, 2012

Snapshots 1.23-28

The past week in pictures...


Meeting on the Eiffel Tower in a private conference room with a view over the city. Pretty cool.

Curry-infused wheat pasta


Open mic night in this tiny medieval cellar where people were wall to wall, sharing seats, sitting on the floor, crammed in everywhere.  Definitely a fire hazard, but the entertainment plus the appearance of a jazz flute made it well worth the risk.


Open mic night #2, The Highlander


Working from a cafe after a successful meeting at the Louvre


Meetings all day with Musée d'Orsay, Catacombs, & Pompidou. Was in the Marais at lunch time, so got the best falafel in town and ate it in the Place des Vosges.  One of the first days we've seen sun in a long time. Beautiful.

Dinner at a favorite new restaurant, Au Petit Sud Ouest, where they serve only duck (a Southwest specialty), and you have toasters at your table to have warm toast w/ foie gras.
Duck leg confit with wild porcini mushrooms & potatoes fried in duck fat


Behold, deliciousness.

A tiny olive oil shop that has one table, and barely room to squeeze people around the one table. We had a reservation for June (they are booked solid every night 6 months out), but they had a last minute opening.  Goes on the list of favorite experiences.

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