Monday, January 23, 2012

Snapshots 1.11-22

A few glimpses of the past week via iPhone...

 Eiffel interior

 Crazy hat lady strikes again

New favorite recipe - cocoa, cumin, & cinnamon-rubbed flank steak

You know you work in France when you have to set your half-eaten macaron down on your French press to help a customer 

 On my way to meet Maygan and Kyle for live jazz in the 6th 

 Heater-hugging day...a bitterly cold one.

Discovering that the grill pan is my new favorite kitchen item! 

Cooking demonstrations at a 3-day cooking expo 

Head chef of Septime, one of the most talked about restaurants of the past 6 months 

A delicious Laotian meal in Chinatown: Spicy duck, red curry cod, and pad thai

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