Friday, June 10, 2011

Best of Italia

Ah, Florence!  My first trip outside of Paris!  The trip can be summed up as follows:

Pasta, pasta, pasta.  More pasta in 3 days than I’ve eaten in the past year.


Sometimes 3x a day.

 What? We’re in ITALY!!

Italians being Italians

Especially if that means airplane-feeding Julie P like a small child.  Over and over. With airplane noise every time.

Leather goods & sunglasses

Ridiculous sunset views

And, of course, model shoots.
Because every street, building, doorway, and corner in Florence is of such epic amazingness that it needs but a slight lean, hand on hip, or look over shoulder, and boom!  Model shoot.

Our catalog comes out in September.  

Thanks, Italy, for being so adorable, fashionable, and delicious!!  And thanks Jean Parmesan/JR/JP for being a super fun travel companion.  Loved having you here!!  And already looking forward to your next visit!

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