Monday, June 6, 2011

Wednesday Friendsday & Firefighter Embarrassment

Maygan and Kyle decided that every Wednesday (or every other), we should have Wednesday Friendsday, where they cook dinner and have me & another friend Kelly over to eat and play games!

Raise the roof for Wednesday Friendsday!!

We played a game called "What's yours like?" where everyone says "mine is..." and describes something from a card...their street, their pants, their mom...and one person has to guess what the thing is.  But we decided to play in French so that Kyle & Maygan could work on their French.  I even learned a lot!!  Three cheers for "What's yours like" in French!

Earlier that day at work, a firetruck pulled all the way up to the front window of our office.  We didn't know why they were there, but one of the managers, Graham, went outside to check on it. 

Meanwhile, I posed a question to the office ladies as to why firemen in France are all notoriously good looking.  One of them made a joke about how now's my chance, and I said, "Oh you're right!" and jokingly took my hair out of its ponytail and started dramatically whipping my hair around.  And I'm not talking a hair flip.  I could have been in a Pantene commercial.

Little did I know, one of the firefighters was walking through the front door behind me right as I was doing this, and exclaimed, "Oh lala! Wow!" (Yes French people actually say oh la la.)  I turned bright red in embarrassment as I tried to answer his question in French about renting a tandem (Weird!! Wasn't expecting the two firemen to ask for a tandem bike!)

And THEN as I'm still trying to recover from the hair flip episode, Graham walks up and tells the guy in French that I want to take a picture with them and their firetruck.  I could have killed him.  Isn't it embarrassing enough that I was caught doing Pantene commercial violent hair flipping for no apparent reason? 

Whatever.  Give me the helmet. 

The other manager, Jack, made the comment that this was a once in a lifetime photo opp.  And I thought, yes...once in a lifetime...And a little squiggly line started blurring through the scene for a memory sequence...



Paris Firefighter Boat...

 And a couple others that I just don't have pictures of on this laptop. 

End memory sequence.

Thanks to all our firefighters who ensure our safety, risk their lives to help others, and also happen to look very nice.


  1. i love the memory sequence. so good! now, if only that firefighter would stop calling you all the time. gosh. and i'm sure he is blogging about how american girls all have beautiful hair and are always throwing it around.


  2. My mom collects mugs from each place she travels... but I think you're on to something far more exciting!

  3. Perhaps one of the most hilarious comments so far. Amazing!!

  4. I just don't know about that helmet...or the truck.

  5. Eeeeeeee!!! You pulled your hair out of a ponytail (I can only assume you meant bun, right? I'll let that little detail mistake slide this one time.) and flung it around pantene-commercialesque and THEN took pictures with hot firefighters?!? I can only imagine that you did all of this whilst singing some amazing Broadway tune? How about the glasses and pencil skirt? Please advise.

    Miss you!!


  6. P.S. the memory sequence made me laugh. A lot. Cue my favorite phrase, "this would only happen to Julie." Mmmmmmm HM.