Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Louis Vuitton Pastries > Fruit

Part of me wants to give life updates and tell funny stories and write about things that I should be writing about on such a blog as this.  But then there's the other part of me that just wants to post pretty pictures of pastries!!  Ooh let's do that!!

I feel huge but I don't care yet.  Too delicious!!  One day I'll care.  But not today.  Let's look at pastries!!

First of all...How about this pastry shop, Hugo & Victor?  It's like going into a luxury store...Louis Vuitton or diamonds or something.  The pastries are put on display like jewelry behind glass cases.  These people do it right.

You really walk out sometimes feeling like you've purchased some fine jewelry.  You've got your fancy box in your fancy bag, it's exciting.  I can't believe I made it all the way home without eating the box.
Since it took me a good 45 minutes to walk there, I selected two pastries: A grapefruit tarte and a "Hugo Chocolat".
Usually I like to ask a waiter, waitress, or salesperson what their favorite thing is, and that yields excellent results...but I should have known better when the girl said grapefruit tarte.  It was good but when you don't really care for grapefruit in the first place, it still tastes a lot like something you don't really care for.  What kind of fruit is that, anyway? Who likes grapefruit??  Gee, I wish all my fruit was just a little more bitter and gross tasting.

It looks nice, but in case you're wondering, it tasted like grapefruit.  I know it's crazy.

The Hugo Chocolat did not disappoint.  NOT that I'm saying that anything else did (cough*grapefruit!!).  Please look at this amazingness.

Drool on your keyboard.  Just do it.

I know you're not going to believe this, but I actually bought some FRUIT!  Not even attached to a pastry or anything. 

This reminds me--When Julie P was in town a couple weeks ago, we went to dinner with Maygan and Kyle, and we were looking at the dessert menu, with all these delicious options...chocolate tart, creme brulee, waffle with chocolate and salted caramel, molten chocolate cake, and on and on...and then there was "fresh fruit from the market".  We were all "oohing" and "ahhing" over our options, and I made the joke of "oh guys I think I'll just get some fresh fruit from the market."  And I started CRYING I was laughing so hard over the thought of getting fruit for dessert in lieu of all the other choices.  Crying.  I could barely contain myself because the thought of choosing fruit amongst the dessert options was just the funniest thing in the world to me.  What is wrong with me.  I like fruit & vegetables, I'm not some sort of glutton.  (Well, I am here, kind of.)  But that was out of control. 

The irony is that these strawberries & raspberries apparently gave me some sort of food poisoning.  Which is really a shame because they were some of the most delicious strawberries I've ever had...You can smell them walking down the street from the fruit stands, they are SO fragrant and amazing.  And yet now I'm afraid to eat them.  Sadness.  Well, I tried.  Back to the pastries!

Here's a nice little chocolate eclair.  Again, with the fancy box.

I found it funny (not "fruit for dessert" funny, but at least amusing) that I was in front of this amazing historical building, Les Invalides, and taking a picture of my pastry.  Like, oh that beautiful monument made a nice backdrop to my eclair photo.

Most people are taking pictures of the building, and I'm just zoomed in on my pastry.

Eye of the beholder, my friends.

I like fruit, okay?  I don't just eat pastries.  It was just not a viable option on that list of obvious dessert amazingness.  You might as well have made "eat the paper menu" an option.

I like fruit.


  1. i am laughing out loud at my desk reading this and remembering that night. you really could not stop laughing and crying. your reaction was quite hilarious and QUITE appropriate! i mean, what were they thinking? fresh fruit for dessert? hopefully the fresh fruit would have come with some sort of sea salt caramel dipping sauce or chocolate drizzled chocolate bars covered in chocolate mousse topped off with whipped cream. that might have qualified the fresh fruit from the market as a dessert... but just fresh fruit? no.

    -Jean Parmesan

    ps i liked how you continue to insist you like fruit.

  2. Yummy!! Love this chocolate and its fancy box.