Sunday, October 2, 2011

Kajulie Reunited

Still in the time machine.  Back to August for a quick recap.  Best part—Katrina visits!!!!! 

When she hopped out of the airport shuttle in front of Fat Tire, there was running, screaming, squealing, hugging, jumping up and down, crying…jumping up and down WHILE hugging & crying.  It had been a long 5 months.  You just don’t realize how much you miss your best friend. 

Another office girl almost cried when she saw it all go down.  Someone make a movie, already. 

I had to stay at work that day till 8pm, so I got Kat on a bike and caught her up to the bike tour that had left 10 minutes earlier.  After I caught her up to the group, I rode off to buy boat tickets for work and still kept crying.  By myself.  Riding a bike, by myself, crying, like a weirdo.  Because, as it turns out, I've FREAKIN MISSED MY BEST FRIEND.

Katrina and I have been friends since high school.  We've got a good 13 years on us now, which if you're wondering, does make me officially feel old.  Wasn't high school 3 years ago?  Just checking. 
Freshman year at A&M, we shared a dorm room the size of a closet, had THE best time, laughed till we cried till 4am all the time, never fought or argued, and were pretty much inseparable.  I'm not saying we walked to the shared dorm bathroom in our velcro towels with our little shampoo baskets and continued to talk over the stall while we showered or anything...wait...yes, yes we did do that.  I don't know how we never got sick of each other. 

Fast forward ten years and we're still pretty much that tight, except we did get our own bedrooms and bathrooms by junior year onward.  France makes it hard to keep in touch back home.  Figuring out work schedules and time difference and when Skype will decide to work means I get to talk to my friends once or twice a month rather than every day.  That part sucks.
Anyway, I guess that's what the crying was all about.  Realizing that it's hard to start from scratch in building a new life and new set of friends in a foreign country.  It's rare to have a friend that you get along with SO well and laugh with SO much and connect with so easily.  So when you're finally around a friend like that again, you realize what a good thing that is, and how sad and painful it is to have that kind of a friendship almost completely removed from your life.   

Whew, I'm gonna cry again!  The point is...A lot of amazingness occurred during the week she was here.  We were both celebrating our 30th birthdays, so I took the whole week off so we could celebrate in style, experience Paris, visit Scotland, eat like ballers, and see great & beautiful things.  And that we did.  Top ten coming up next.


  1. For the majority of this post I thought "awww, that's really nice." And then I read "eat like ballers" and lost it.


  2. Oh I luuv this post, the 'stache pic is rally cute . . if 'staches can ever be cute. Miss you dear friend. Paris is too far from Penn.

  3. I realize that this is completely NOT the point of this post, but couldn't find a better pic of us? Otherwise, loved it! Miss you, my friend! xoxo

  4. I KNOW!! This is all I had. I am accepting substitutes if you have any. Perhaps one with peanut butter and tinted glasses? Please advise.