Saturday, October 8, 2011

Birthday Extravaganza

Behold...4 Magnificent Birthday Events!

"Last Day in My Twenties" Bungee

August 1st.  I couldn't get over the fact that it was the last day in my 20's.  I was freaking out.  All I could think, over and over, was, "It's the last day in my 20's. The last day in my 20's. LAST. DAY.  I won't be twenty anything.  Ever again."

Then Katrina and I came across the giant bungee cage at the carnival by the Louvre, which launches you into outer space with giant rubber band cords.  

There was a moment before take-off where we both thought this might be the end of our twenties...and our lives.

Then we launched into outer space, screaming the whole way, flying over Paris while spinning around backwards and upside down. 

Launched me right out of my freak-out.  Best way to see all the sights. 

Les Fables BDay Dinner with Maygan & Kyle

We met up with my favorite Paris friends that night to share an amazing surprise tasting menu with many glorious courses at Les Fables de la Fontaine.

We laughed a ton as always, marveled at the deliciousness, and rolled out of there at midnight, stuffed and happy, just in time to watch the Eiffel Tower sparkle at the stroke of Birthday.

Then came post-dinner coffee and dessert at one of my favorite cafes, followed by more laughter.

The chocolate thing didn't stand a chance.

Birthday Lunch at Le Cinq

Ballers. We were just. ballers.

Check out this sculpted seaweed butter, with its own glass bell covering, which I never used for covering because I was constantly amending the sculpture.

I climbed up on the chandelier and started making it rain euros all over the floor. 
Then I remembered I needed those euros, and I crawled all over the floor and picked them up.

I've been wanting to eat Le Cinq for at least two years.  It was super fancy, decadent, and so much food we had to go back to my apartment and nap it off.

Fat Tire Combo Birthday Hang-out

Double birthday! - One of the guides, Megan, and I share an Aug 2nd birthday, so the Fat Tire crew gathered at this gorgeous spot on the banks of the Seine river, at the foot of Isle St. Louis (the island behind Notre Dame).

The view was incredible.  Two boats passing by shouted a booming "Happy Birthday!!!!" at us thanks to the tour guides with their groups on board.

Billy brought us each a big candle and lit it, played Happy Birthday on his guitar, AND bought a rose for each of us. 

Which was later used as an accessory for tango.

Overall, if you can't tell, this was an amazing birthday.  I had my best friend from home, my best friends in Paris, the Fat Tire crew, beautiful views, music, flowers, chandeliers, over the top meals...and this was just my actual birthday!!  Loved it all.

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