Wednesday, October 19, 2011

French Neon Pirates Storm the Metro

After 3 years in Paris with Fat Tire, our amazing, fabulous, wonderful, super sweet Office Manager, Amanda, is moving to Berlin.  (That was a lot of commas for one sentence.)

Sadness fills our hearts, as this place will not be the same without of course we had to send her off in style.  This girl loves a good costume, so for her last week at work, we had a dress-up week, including:

French Stripes & Mustache Mania on Wednesday

Pirate Thursday (Argh!!)

and Neon Friday

We toasted Amanda on Friday night after her last official day of work, with champagne!

In plastic cups.  Keepin’ it real.

Saturday night was the grand finale, with a Metro Party!  The instructions were to dress crazy, meet at the office at 8pm, and head to the metro to ride it around all night. 

Having nothing crazy in my closet to dress up in, I opted for Goth.

This was SUCH a fun night.  We hung out, laughed, sang, blasted music on the metro and danced from stop to stop, periodically turning it off or switching lines when we realized the metro police were on to us (apparently loud music, running, and general craziness is frowned upon). 

Yes, there was a boombox, yes we owned the metro with our boombox, yes we roamed the streets with our boombox. 

It was one of the most fun work weeks we've had to date.   And if you haven’t had a massive costumed dance party on your local transportation, I cannot recommend it highly enough. 

We love you, Amanda Carolina Garcia!!  You will be missed!!

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