Sunday, October 9, 2011

Bonjour Soufflé & the French Rugby Team

Table for 7

My friends Patrick and Gretchen are in Paris (yay!!) so we had dinner in St. Germain with their friends, the Delucas, and two study abroad students we know from Dallas.

Scott ordered Beef Bourgignon, but being repeatedly unable to remember or pronounce "Bourgignon", he told the waitress how much he loved the "bonjour-soufflé".

Lost in Translation

We then proceeded to make immediate friends with the French Rugby team outside the restaurant.

One of them looked at Patrick and said, in French, "How long are you here on vacation?".  Patrick looked at him blankly, not understanding a word.  Rugby player's friend translated, "He wants to French kiss you."  Patrick ran away.

Watermark Paris

We ended the evening playing between the glorious fountain and church of St. Sulpice under a full moon.

Paris has no shortage of gigantic beautifully lit monuments to hang out in front of.  We decided that St. Sulpice will become the venue for Watermark Paris, and mentally photoshopped Wagner into the balcony.

Tonight, they're taking the Fat Tire Night Bike Tour for their last night, and I'm going to meet them for the boat ride at the end.  Wish they could stay longer but it's been awesome getting to hang out w/ them here.  COME BACK SOON!!

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