Monday, March 5, 2012

Snapshots 2.20-26

Scavenger Hunt!!!! I specifically scheduled my flight back from Dallas to make it back in time for this. We got 15 or so new employees, so this was a team-building activity.  The managers made up a team with plans to dominate the newbies, and we biked through the city constantly on the look out for poodles, berets, baguettes, and space invaders, among other bizarre and hard-to-find things.
The picture that gave us the win...and then actually disqualified our winning status. Human pyramid in front of the Louvre, here with 2 Eiffel Tower-selling Africans and a small Japanese child. (Totally normal).  Extra points for strangers in your pyramid.

The new 5 minute break: tight rope walking at work

Change Your Life crepe.

Maygan & Kyle had a visitor in town, which meant another glorious reservation at Chez l'Ami Jean. The second we sat down, we received melt-in-your-mouth cured Spanish ham and four glasses of sparkling wine, on the house, from my best friend, Chef Stephane Jego.

Another spectacular dining experience
The "are you kidding me, this is so delicious" face. The rice pudding was possibly the best its ever been.

Simon, deemed the Sandwich Master, leads us through the steps of making a killer sandwich. Ricotta is key.

Networking event at a champagne bar, just down the street from this guy.

Segway invasion. Sadie gets an up-close Segway dance performance led by Andre.

Kicking off Fat Friday with a mini caramel-filled donut. I was dog sitting for Maygan & Kyle while they were in Prague, and they've always talked about these donuts at their bakery across the street, so I got one on my way to work.

Fat Friday continues into the evening with a much needed chill night at the apartment with Buckley.

Making green curry w/ Jillian, Alexa, Sadie & Hayley before a video game party at Jeff's, where costumes were optional but encouraged. A dish towel had to be sacrificed, but we became...

Heroes in a half shell! Turtle Power!!

On a walk with Buckaroo, cutest little bear dog in the world

Dinner w/ Jillian at a new place we've been wanting to try, followed by a night walk with Buckley, where I found these jolly awnings.

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