Thursday, March 15, 2012

Snapshots 3.05-11

 Kiddie bike race

Out at Versailles planning a new tour. Cold and rainy nonstop all day, then at the very end, the clouds parted over the king's orange groves.

 Troisiemiversary!! Celebrating my one year in France and our one year of friendship (we met on my 2nd day in Paris) - with burgers at Bar du Central, where we first hung out!

On the walk home, appreciating how incredible it is that this is a near daily sight.


A week ago at Chez l'Ami Jean, the magical place where magical things happen, two chefs sat next to us and said we must come to both their restaurants. So Jillian and I visited chef #1, Ludovic, at his Italian restaurant Cacio e Pepe, where the appetizer plate was this mammoth mix of meats, tapenade, olives, roasted peppers in olive oil, and one of the best cheeses we have ever had, ever. We're so FREAKIN EXCITED!!

Dinner & Greece trip planning Chez Maygan & Kyle. And a ridiculous view as I left.

Omnivore World Tour Food Festival, from the press box.

Forget the press box, let's get seats 1 and 2, front row center.

Invite-only after party, complete with 20 foot banners of chefs dressed like superheros.  

I love Adam, and I love Meg.

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