Friday, March 9, 2012

Snapshots 2.27-3.04

Cooked dinner with MK at her host family's apartment while they were out of town. How about this tiny sweater-wearing poodle??

Thank you note to the Catacombs director for giving me extra summer reservations. Very hard to come by.

Nothing counts on Leap Day, real life is for March!

Leaving Maygan & Kyle's apartment after dinner. A vision of an upgrade.

Fresh jar of Nutella.

Incidentally, due to a complete lack of self control when Nutella is involved, the rule is back in place: jar purchases are forbidden.

I finished the jar in 3 days OH MY GOSH!!!! Don't tell anyone. Let's just - stop judging me.  THE RULE IS IN PLACE.

Chez Lucie for Maygan & Kyle's One Year in France - Delicious!

 Maygan is cooking up something large and delicious at the Agriculture Expo! More to come on this magical place.

Manicures at Dernier Metro, thanks to Quilly and her bag of O.P.I.!

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