Saturday, April 23, 2011

House Hunters Filming

Just wanted to post a few pictures from when House Hunters was here filming.  This is the agent, Iris, who owns the agency I used:

Somehow I managed to put this big line here.  No idea. Nope.  Can't get rid of it.

The crew was awesome…the director, Ben (middle), is from the UK, and the videographer & sound tech, Gordon and Simon, are from Scotland. Then Melody (below), who lives just outside Paris, went to film school and was our driver/translator/production assistant for the three days.

Here's everyone trying to squeeze into my tiny studio for an interview.  It was quite close quarters. 

As you can probably tell by Gordon playing "Big Texas hat" here, they were all super fun, and I had a great time with them!

The whole crew on the Pont des Arts, where we filmed the decision scene...Fun times!!

Supposedly it's going to air sometime late summer.  I sincerely hope to not look and sound ridiculous the entire time.  But considering that I hate even hearing my voice on voicemail or anything else recorded, I'm sure I'll cringe through the whole thing.  But it was a super fun experience, and most paid for my agency fees!! Yayyyy!

All thanks to my awesome friend, Charla, who told me all about House Hunters!!  We thought it was kind of a joke, "you need to be on House Hunters"...and then I actually ended up doing it.  Of course, this was back when I thought they actually found you an apartment but that's besides the point.  Thanks Char-Bar, you're the best!!  


  1. Julie - this is amazing!! My fav show on hgtv by far! Can't wait to see it :) Truly looks like you're living the life :) Happy Easter!

  2. Great stuff Julie! Also wanted to let you know that I finally tried Nuttela and it was amazing! I was at someone's house so I had to keep getting clean spoons every time I wanted some.

    Happy Easter!


  3. love it. so pumped to see you. I miss seeing your beautiful face in person (though I do love the pics all around the building).

  4. Wow that's awesome!!! Love that show and your place looks cute from what is shown in your pics thus far!! Can't wait to see it on air!!!