Saturday, April 23, 2011

Foie Gras & Friends

It's about time I introduced some of the peeps in my life here in Paris!  I'll eventually do a full introduction of my coworkers, but for now, might I present to only non-work friends!!!

This is Maygan & Kyle.  
Aren't they adorable? Dare I say, presh? 

My best friend from high school, Mindy, introduced us because we happened to be moving to Paris within a week of each other.  They moved here for Kyle’s job, and they’ll be here for 3 years. 

I love them to death.  We get to share the ups & downs of this new experience and laugh about French culture, language woes, and the multiple ridiculous scenarios we make up like foie gras unicorns.  We are united by our Texas roots, Aggie familyhood, a common love for foie gras (obviously), the difficulties of being famous, and a mutual affection for the word “troisieme”.   

And best of all...they're food lovers AND they live in the same neighborhood, just a few minutes walk away, so we go to dinner together all the time!!  I can’t tell you how excited I am to have friends who appreciate good French food and are ready and willing to go on delicious dining excursions as often as humanly possible.

Speaking of delicious dining excursions...this was our fantastic meal last night at one of our favorite places, O Chateau, near the Louvre.
Um...I don't know if you can tell from the picture, but it's about a million tastes of amazingness.  One of the things was tomato basil sorbet w/ shaved prosciutto!! Ah!!  The chef was on Top Chef France this season.  Oh it's so good.  Once the food comes, we all just lose focus completely and stare our our food and say "it's so good" over and over.  Look I've already said it twice without even trying.

Last night as we got into a taxi after this incredible delish-iosity, the first thing they started talking about was what they were going to have for breakfast in the morning.  And then Kyle suddenly stopped and said, "Look at us, we just finished dinner and we're already planning our next meal! ...We're just livin' for the next meal!"  

These are my people. 


  1. Man that looks delicious where do you even start they all look so good!!

  2. i love this! can't wait to meet your new friends in less than 2 weeks and eat food that makes me repeat over and over "this is so good!"