Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Random Collection

I have so many things to share, I'm certain I'll never catch up.  This is going to be the most random post ever.  I'm just going to warn you now.  Its only common thread is that they are all pictures I took within the first 2 and a half weeks of being here.  Shall we?  Let's.

First glimpse of the Eiffel tower from the cab as I was arriving from the airport.  Huge smile.  "Can't believe I'm here" moment.


How would you like this guy's job?? Cutting down tree branches while balancing on a branch that looks like it's about to snap about 10 stories up?  No thank you!  (I digress already.) 

Ohh look at this lovely view I had over breakfast.  Isn't that stunning?  Nothing says "Welcome to Paris" like a huge delivery truck parked right in front of your line of vision.  "This is it," I thought to myself.  "This is why I'm here."  Tire. In my face.
This little breakfast was about 2 days after my arrival, when I was still wholely confident that a quaint little affordable apartment was just going to pop up at any moment.  Then a 9 day period passes before I take another picture.  Hotel bill...crying..."What am I doing here?"...etc, etc.  We all remember. 

These lovely ladies are Jillian & Anne, the two other new office staff that joined at the same time as me, so we went through training together.  They're awesome, I love them!! 
This was the day we took the D-Day Tour to Normandy so we could understand this tour that we sell.  Which normally might be cool and fun, but it was about 40 degrees and rained the. whole. day. 

The. whole. 12 hour. day.  

Inthecold.  Did I mention I'm a baby and I hate cold and I define cold as anything below 70?  So Tundra, pretty much.

Also, I wore sweater boots, which doubled as an excellent pair of sloshy sponge boots, should you ever be in the market for boots that absorb & hold water extremely well.

I went to the American Church of Paris one Sunday.
It was really pretty, but also really traditional, so I'll probably check out a couple other churches in the next few weeks.  The best part was at the end, when I saw on the program that an African church would be doing some sort of dance offering, and my ears perked up.  (Yes please!!)  It was pretty much amazing.  They sang and danced down the aisle. Africans know how to worship.  They just do.  

Then we had some nice weather finally arrive, so our manager, Jack, texted everyone about meeting for a picnic.

I could partake in the picnic activities every day.  Especially when this is the view:

Will I ever get over it?  Will the Eiffel tower ever get old?  No I don't think so.

And then it just gets prettier as the sun sets...

And even prettier when it starts sparkling!

Ahhhh.  Love.  Paris, I love you, lovelove.  I envision many a summer night spent this way.

This is Jeff, who is also new to Fat Tire.  He's awesome, I would vote him into my top 3 favorite guides.  Had to get him wearing my earmuffs. Clearly my camera was having issues. 
He has a variety of nicknames, such as Mr. Nutella (bc he polished off a whole jar within his first week--PSH!--who would do something like that?? ...Maybe we should go to Nutella rehab.), Ripley (because he looks like Matt Damon in The Talented Mr. Ripley), and Rip, for short.  I also call him "Heff" a lot, it's Spanish for "Jeff", not sure if you knew.   

And finally...I know you have been dying to know...
I got some houmous!!!  I had to get some for my first Skype session w/ Katrina.  Pita chips & hummus have been a roommate staple for quite some time...possibly every it was only appropriate.  Pita chips yet to be found.

This concludes my random collection of pictures from the first couple weeks.  Just to recap: Man in a tree, Delivery truck, Hummus.  Riveting.  Insightful.  We can only go up from here.


  1. Yay!!! I'm so excited for you... you're kinda living my dream. :)

  2. I just absolutely love reading your post's friend. The updates bring joy to my week. Love hearing #1 you're safe & doing well #2 your adventures #3 you have worked through some tough times and now seeing amazing things after it all #4 your sweet spirit through your words #5 about your week! :-) Love you sweet Be Fri!!!
    -St End ;-)

  3. hahaha pita and hummus!! This makes me think of my favorite house hunters moment: "who wants some hummus?!?!...should I do that again??"