Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pain au Chocolat & Undecipherable Space Laundry

Back to more interesting things, like breakfast pastries.  I decided that a good rule to implement was "No pastries during the work week."  Only on my days off.  Specifically, this was needed because of my walk to work, and the fact that I had a pain au chocolat almost every day the first couple weeks.

Pain au chocolat is an amazing delicious croissant with two thin strips of melty chocolate in the middle:

It's crisp on the outside, soft on the inside, flakey and buttery and delicious...AND THEN you add chocolate!!  Which, when fresh in the morning, is all melty.  I'm about to go break into a bakery right now.

I found myself magnetically attracted to the bakeries in the morning during my walk to work, almost involuntarily.  Suddenly I'm inside, and next thing I know, I'm eating a pain au chocolat on the walk to work and somehow there was a 9 foot baguette in my other hand, which I would of course eat throughout the day.  I had to give myself some boundaries.  So delicious morning pastries are reserved for my two days off per week.

Um, hey, does someone want to help me figure out my washing machine?

My options appear to be "different departure", "super wash", "easy re-passage", or "extra rinsage".

What about "normal wash"? Hm?  I don't think the SUPER washing is necessary every time (the one that sounds like my laundry is preparing to launch into outer space), but I don't even know what the other 3 do! And then those two buttons next to the key, which both look like "on" buttons to me, that I push back and forth various times until I finally hear some water start.

And it appears to take a total of 9 hours for laundry.
If I'm understanding correctly: 2 hours for "single drop of water", 2 hours later, lots of water, 2 hours later, some water movement, followed by a spin cycle that will finish after 3 hours.

By the way, since it's my day off tomorrow, I am ABSOLUTELY getting a pain au chocolat in the morning to eat on the way to the bank, where I will attempt to speak French and find out why it takes 15 days to access my money after I deposit a check.  I oh-so-sadly have a morning appointment when all I want to do is sleep in. 

Oh and there's a baby screaming its head off right now.  That's new.  More soon!

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  1. Julie this is so funny! You just made me laugh! It makes me appreciate my American washer and dryer! I give you props for being able to resist any pastries during the week, especially chocolate croissants! When I worked in the bakery the fresh out of the fryer donuts and the just baked choc. croissants were my downfall!!!!! Hope you are finding time to have loads of fun!