Sunday, May 1, 2011

I did it. I cooked.

I finally broke the barrier and used my stove for the first time on Easter Sunday.  (Yay!!!)
For some reason, the smallness of my kitchen in combination with the weird hot plate-type stove burner things have made me feel like I can't make anything.  I keep thinking that I don't have room to prep, and I just don't know what the burners will be like, or if they'll cook evenly or too fast, and that has prevented me from even trying.  See them up there?  Kind of strange, right?

It's weird, I can't explain it.  Normally I love to cook, and here with the weird burners, I think cooking is impossible, and I don't even try.  Which, yes, obviously means that for two months I've either been eating out or eating salads, sandwiches (please note 9 foot baguette addiction), lots of soup, and every now and again, a good old fashioned pastry dinner.

So I finally did it.  On Easter Sunday, I told myself, "This is the day. You're going to make an omelet."  And I did.  I didn't have much to work with in the fridge, but I did have goat cheese & some Serrano ham.  So that was the plan.
 Hey it worked!  I can still cook!!

So Easter was great...It was a beautiful day, I went to Hillsong Church in the morning, then felt really accomplished by crossing the non-cooking boundary and had a lovely Easter omelet...
Followed, of course, by an Easter pastry

Annnnd maybe some Easter chocolates (It's Easter!!!  You gotta have some chocolate eggs, right??)
No, I know. I'm going to be huge.  I'm aware.  I only had a couple.  Every day until they were gone.

Happy Easter everyone!! 

Maybe I should get better about this blogging thing.  One day I hope to be actually blogging in real time.  But for now...a week out will have to do. 

Hey, look...all egg pictures! Didn't even mean to.  I'm thematically brilliant.  You're welcome.

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  1. Egg-citing post as well. :) Soo encouraged by you.

    - JAC