Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Glorious Evening Stroll

I got sidetracked during my last post because of the cobweb appearance while cooking "dinner".  Back to the fabulous Paris day!

After leaving the meeting where I learned what to do with my millions by banking overseas in Belize, I decided to wander around the neighborhood.  The Marais is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Paris and completely adorable.

There's a street in the Marais that's known for having the best falafel in the city, and even though I'm not hungry, I get one because I'm not usually in this neighborhood, so...have to.  I mean it's 8:30pm, so I'll have to eat something at some point, and at 5 euros to-go, it's a steal!  When they handed it to me, it was the size of my head.
I don't know if you can tell in this picture, but it's like a falafel bouquet of flowers, and genuinely gigantic, and so I walked around with this thing in one hand, and then would alternate between eating and taking pictures with my right hand about every 2 seconds because it was a beautiful night. 

It drizzled for 5 minutes and the sun was setting, so epic clouds were hovering around every corner.  And this is not me photo-shopping and making some weird color effects...this is what it looked like!!  It was pink & blue & purple & crazy grays and clouds popping out everywhere!!  Why ELSE would I put down the fork so often??  Do you see that falafel??

That last one's an iPhone picture, so not great quality, but the clouds were crazy!!

It was just beautiful everywhere I looked, and I really felt like I got a good dose of "I'm in Paris, and this is why."

How beautiful is that???  Bah!! 

And then, in typical Paris fashion, down below me on the bank of the Seine, a big band of about 15 different horn players, tubas to trumpets were just playing for fun, so I got a little live music in.  They ended up playing Muse's "Uprising", which was slightly amazing. 

A big crowd gathered up on the bridge, and people would cheer as they went by on the big boats.

So I had an amazing falafel, wandered the Marais, saw epic clouds, Notre Dame, old bridges, a river sunset, listened to live music, and then wandered past the Louvre, and saw a man with long flowing hair and a tiny thin mustache riding a bike around the Louvre pyramids (weird!), and ended with a super thick hot chocolate, probably made from melted chocolate bars, at the swanky cafe on my street.

That was a run-on sentence if I ever saw one.  Look, it's a paragraph by itself.

Overall, an excellent evening.  Sorry I wasn't able to get a picture of tiny mustache rider.  Just know that his hair was Fabio-beautiful.

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  1. Love this - the night pictures are stunning and make me wish I was walking around that same streets. Although i would have opted for a Crepe with Nutella, strawberries and Bananas! That was my favorite night treat last time we were there....thanks for the great posts. Love living vicariously through you and these pictures!