Saturday, May 21, 2011


I just can't believe how much glamor I have to share lately.  Everyone just prepare to throw up on your keyboards or iPhones, whatever you're reading on.  I know I almost did, about 72 times. 

My bathtub has started filling up during showers for a few weeks now, indicating some sort of blockage, and I didn't know whether to buy some French Drain-o (drain-eau?) or if that would somehow poison the entire building's water supply without my knowledge.  (Pardon!) 

So instead, I improvised and borrowed one of these long skinny metal stick things from work, which I'm certain is some sort of bicycle mechanic tool, but that we have been taught is effective for unclogging our sink at the office.  So I thought, "Ok.  Before I buy Drain-eau and poison everybody, I'll try the old bicycle metal stick trick." 

Oh. Oh dear goodness.  I'm dry heaving just thinking about it.  The hairball that I pulled out of that drain is comparable to the size of a small rat, wrapped in who knows how many weeks or years of conditioner & soap that's been congealing and not going anywhere, that smelled like a dead animal that somehow has never washed itself, even though it's been constantly rinsed in shampoo & soap, which has thus become congealed rotting goo that's just been sitting in a drain for 100 years.  This all hanging on the end of a little metal stick.  And then I had to keep going after the rest of it.  Just shouting "Ohh!!" and "eww" and "bah!" making barf-like noises to no one in particular just to help get me through it.

Only the really important updates here on my blog. 

I'm sorry I shared that.  I feel gross all over again.  I'll post some pastries or something.  But not in the same one of this, that would be disgusting.


  1. BAHAHAHA... Oh the real life words of adventure.

  2. JULIE!!! If you can, watch the episode of Modern Family from a few weeks ago Season 2 Ep 22... It's called "Good Cop, Bad Dog" and you will DIE laughing:-) Reminds me of me and my sister growing up, sharing a bathroom with one unhappy little brother!

  3. thank you for not posting a picture of it... i might have thrown up in my mouth.