Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Celebs & Croissant Class!

For the sake of chronological order, let me back up a bit.  I had a really awesome Friday a couple weeks ago, the day of the Royal Wedding.  First, Maygan and I decided to go to an English pub to watch the Royal Wedding live!

We had fish & chips with a front row view of the action!

And Kate was so sweet to stop by after, especially on her wedding day.  First celebrity sighting in Paris.

The waiters & waitresses had masks of Kate & William.  We wore them the whole time.  That's a lie. 

Speaking of celebrity sightings, Maygan & Kyle actually DID see Matthew McConaughey, Ryan Phillippe, & Amanda Seyfried at dinner last month at one of our favorite spots, Cafe Constant:

And Kyle's FACE is on the tabloid websites!!  Kyle is wearing the green shirt on the right!
I'm on the other side of the bar, crouching down.  Ryan's trying to ask for my phone number. See how he's staring at me intently? I just didn't want the paparazzi to see.

Actually, I was supposed to go with them to dinner that night but decided I'd wait and join them the next night, ugh!!  I'm sure Ryan will call any day now, so no big deal.

We always laugh because one of the tabloid photos taken from this exact angle shows Kyle's whole face and he's mid-chew, so he has this big lump in his cheek like a chipmunk.  It's amazing.

We frequently talk about how hard it is for us to be in public since we're all celebrities now. What with me and Maygan on House Hunters and Kyle in the tabloids...It's just great to be with people who understand the hardships of fame.

Ok real life...After the Royal Wedding lunch, I took a baking class (Yay!!!), where I learned to make croissants...

 pain au chocolat...

pastry cream & pain aux raisins (a breakfast pastry wrapped up cinnamon roll style w/ pastry cream & raisins)...

focaccia bread w/ cheese & olives...

and some other kind of amazing dessert that I don't know the name of, a sugared pastry crust filled with Cognac-flambeed buttered apples & walnuts.  Sh-yah.

It was super fun, I learned so much, went into a pastry coma, took two full bags home of pastries & pastry dough, AND the class was complimentary!!
How you say??  Because Paris loves me.  This. is why. I moved here.

When House Hunters was here filming, they wanted to show me doing other things in Paris, so they set it up for me to be in this cooking class.  But then I had to leave early to finish shooting (hardships of fame!), so I was--naturally--devastated.  And the owner said I could come back another day so I could take a full class, how nice is that??  It was so much fun, and we made so many delicious things!

If you're planning a trip to Paris at any point, I highly recommend it. They're #1 on TripAdvisor right now.  http://cooknwithclass.com/

So now I know how much butter goes into these babies.  You would think that would deter me.  Huh.

Not in the slightest.


  1. Love the cheeriness of this post! So glad you're enjoying Paris. :)

    - JAC

  2. A few items:

    1. Of COURSE the cooking class was free. Duh. You're Julie. Remember back in the day when tests were rescheduled, classes you missed were canceled, you got automatic 100s on papers without even turning them in, you got on House Hunters International having not even seen the show? You get the idea.

    2. How is it that Ryan Phillippe looks exactly the same as when he was in Cruel Intentions? Presh. Please pass along my number when you get a chance. Thanks in advance.

    3. LOVING the blog, my friend.

    4. And of course, miss you tons but SO happy that you're happy.


  3. LOVED this post. Glad you're having so much fun and I'm glad to get to read about your journey.

    I seriously don't know what I would do with all the pastry goodness there- I'd have to run a marathon every weekend.

  4. I'm just so happy to share the burden of celebrity with you, Julie. It's like no one else understands how tough we have it. Oh, and I'm also happy to share a love of pastry, all things Christian Constant, and, well FOOD with you! Cute post :) Love you

  5. Sweet friend,
    I loved reading this!! Your blogs seriously make me LOL! I can hear your voice in a lot of the things you say :-). LOVE the pics too. Great add. You should prob get a job in blogging btw - cute, fun and entertaining :-)
    You're HIGHLY missed dear friend!
    Be Fri ;-)

  6. Julie,
    I can't tell you enough, how happy it makes me that you and May have become such great friends. It makes my heart soo happy:) Glad to see you two are spending your time together wisely!

  7. I was gonna say the same thing as Carrie. I'm SO glad you guys have become such good friends! I can't wait to come visit and partake in all the fun. Those pastries look ah-mazing. I can't believe you missed out on the Ryan Phillippe sighting! I still have that book from high school you made me with the pics of you and Ryan and we thought it looked SO real! hahaha