Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Few Observations

Observation #1. Getting Behind.  

I'm getting behind on the blogging. I write hypothetical blog posts in my mind all the time as I'm walking around, and then I never actually sit down to do it.  Someone should invent a device that automatically uploads thoughts into blog format, I'd really appreciate that.

Observation #2. Cafe Arm.  

I'm getting some pretty serious "cafe arm".  I always sit in the cafe facing outward towards the street, and all 3 cafes on my street are on the same side.  Since my favorite thing to do when I'm off during the day is sit in the cafe and have a late morning coffee, the sun is always coming at me from the same angle, hitting my right arm.  So when I look in the mirror, my right arm has a significantly dark tan, while my left arm remains barely colored. So if you happen to see a picture where one arm is white and the other is brown, this is why.

Observation #3. Bread Overload and Loving It.

Once again, I told myself this morning as I bought a fresh baguette that I would eat half for morning/lunch and save the rest for dinner.  As I've gone back to the kitchen several times to get "one more bite", I now realize there are about 3 inches of baguette left.  People usually buy a baguette and intend to share it with their whole family for a meal.  Meanwhile, I continue to eat whole baguettes by myself.  I have a problem. 

Observation #4. Must get iPhone.

I just had a fabulous week of vacation w/ Julie P.  We had a blast in Paris, then in Florence, then in Paris again. I have so many great things to share, but how to even begin??  My camera card is actually bursting at the seams and leaking pictures out, there are so many.  I can't wait to tell some stories!! 

But now over the next 12 days, I have one day off work.  If I had an iPhone, I could share these moments throughout the day in tidbits using a website that some of you may have heard of called "The Facebook" and "The Twitter".  Instead, I go dark for two weeks and then resurface and want to create 400 blog posts.  I should just get this internet phone device and be done with it.

So...I'm hoping at some point over the next 12 days, perhaps on the one day off, I can write a blog post or two.  Because there's LOTS to share.  If not, maybe this will force me to go into a phone store and sign up for a plan.  Get myself a non stone-aged cell phone.

In the meantime, here is the Super Quick Recap:

Florence=beautiful, epic, old, adorable, ridiculous. 
Julie P=fun, comforting, taste of home!
Food we ate in Paris=outstanding
Amount of pasta I ate in Italy = embarrassing
Gelato = multiple times daily.
The duffle bag Julie P brought = joy, happiness, excitement!!
Going back to work after taking 6 days off = :(
Italians = hilarious.

More soon! Ciao!


  1. i am a little nervous about the invention of blog from thoughts... pretty sure mine would disqualify me from so many things!
    love reading about your adventures!

  2. Love this post too!

    - JAC