Monday, July 18, 2011

Boulangerie Breakfast

Awesomeness #4 Pt 2: Boulangerie Breakfast

In the morning, I had the most delightful breakfast, you know, in the bakery downstairs.

A customer came in to get his morning croissants, saw me taking pictures, and offered to take a picture of me.

Then he yelled “Nobody puts Baby in a corner!” and we started dancing on the bakery counter, ending in a super aerial lift.

Not really.  No one could lift me at this point in my pastry journey.  What he did was make jokes about how I had to finish everything on my table, as if this was some sort of impossible feat.  And I was like, “Oh, I will.  Really.”  He said it again later as he was leaving, again as if it was some hilarious joke, and I was like “Seriously, come back in 5 minutes.  It will be GONE.  All of it.” 

I did leave the yogurt behind, to be fair.

I spent the morning at the market…

…and collected a fair amount of goods to bring back to Paris with me, including two gigantic loaves of some of the best looking bread I have ever seen, ingredients for a dish I was making for a dinner party that night w/ the girls from work, and some amazing bread & a pastry from this place:

Any time you see “Meilleurs Ouvriers de France”, you better darned well know I'll be stopping in because that means they’ve gotten a title as one of the best artisans in France; they are a master at their craft.  The line out the door is another good sign. 

I got 3 twisted mini loaves of bread.  You will see why I had to get 3 when you behold these flavors: Dijon mustard & bacon; chorizo; and apricot & goat cheese.  Yah, they looked that good, too.   Oh, and a caramel tarte, just because it was beautiful.  

The breads were sublime, I ate them for lunch on the train, because, you know, watching my figure.  I ended up leaving the creme fraiche and herbs in the fridge at the B&B (ingredients for the dinner party), and shook my fist towards the sky the whole train ride home.  2 hours.  Good workout.    

Then as soon as I got home, I started preparing my dish for the dinner party that night.  New post.


  1. Laughed out loud at this post - almost woke David up! Glad you're back to blogging!

  2. Not gonna lie, I definitely thought to myself, "Seriously? He said 'nobody puts Baby in a corner'?!"

    It took me until "aerial lift" to realize that you were kidding. So if you're thinking that I also thought that you danced on the bakery counter, you would be correct. And then I hung my head in shame.