Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Paris by Mouth Picnic

Awesomeness #2: Paris by Mouth Picnic

 There’s a website called Paris by Mouth that’s a collaboration of all the major food blog writers in Paris.  It gives you all the latest info and reviews on restaurants, bakeries, pastry shops, and the like.  It’s a great resource for all things delicious and food-related.  They had a picnic to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the website.  Naturally, going was a must. 

I should mention that all these food blog writers are kind of like celebrities for anyone who cares about the food/restaurant/deliciousness scene in Paris.  My friend Jillian from work is a fellow foodie, so any time things like this comes up, we are all over it.  I appreciate having someone who understands, gets excited, and understands the celebrity status of these people.

Here’s some pictures of the picnic along the canal that they posted on their Facebook page.  Hey, let's play a little "Where's Waldo."

First of all, if you can find me in the pictures, please take a look at my face in both of them. 

Can we talk about this??  In case you can't tell, in the first one, I appear to be squinting in pain and in the second one I look like confused monkey.  Is this what I look like when I’m talking to people??  If so, I am banned from talking to people.  It was nice while it lasted. 

The picnic was lots of fun, even though I appear to be confused and in pain.

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