Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Svedish Dinner Party Ya

Awesomeness #5: Svedish Dinner Party Ya

The girls at work decided a Paris Dinner Party was in order since so many of us like to cook.  We decided to switch off at each others' apartments and having theme nights where everyone contributed.  Jillian & Anne were super sweet to suggest that our first dinner party be a Swedish theme so I could feel like I still got to go to Sweden that weekend!! (Love it!!) 

So we had our own little Midsummers celebration with traditional Swedish fare.  We all had Swedish names: Sibylla, Agnetta, Svanhilda, Botilda… Mine was Juliehonnasbourg.  (Yulie-hanna for short).

Sibylla and I dressed accordingly.

I had a makeshift bonnet on my head at one point with a white dish towel, but let's just not even worry about it.

On to the dinner portion of the dinner party!  I made new potatoes with crème fraiche and herbs.

Other fantastic Swedish fare included a smoked salmon appetizer, shrimp salad, Swedish meatballs, a traditional potato dish, strawberries & whipped cream, and a Swedish almond cake.


Yum, yum, and more yum.  Everything was great, and I loved getting to hang out w/ all the girls!

We ended the evening by taking a secret back stairway, going into a closed down covered passage, and generally acting like teenage boys towards passers-by, except with more giggling.

Suddenly there were flashlights and laser beams pointed at us from above.  Apparently the closed down passage area had security.  So we screamed and ran back up the secret staircase back to the apartment.  

What about those laser beams though, huh?? I mean red dot aimed at my back!  What was THAT all about?  Scary!! Where I come from, that means there’s a night site attached to the end of a barrel and you'd better hit the deck.  We’re in France though, and gun laws are pretty strict, so if anything, it was probably a laser beam attached to a baguette.  They aim and then just throw the baguette at you.

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