Friday, July 22, 2011

Care Package #2!!

Awesomeness #6: Care Package #2

What a confusing title. So many numbers.  Don’t worry, we’re stopping here at #6.  I felt compelled to categorize all of this as “The Awesomeness Which Has Occurred in the Past Two Weeks.” (Back when I had high hopes for doing these all quickly, once a day.  And then my internet stopped working).  But I’ll stop now because clearly I’m way behind and I could go on like this for the rest of the year at this rate.  Awesomeness #323!!  

The next day at work after the Swedish dinner party, a care package had arrived for me!!  I guess there’s no way to express how wonderful it is to get a care package from friends when you’re all by yourself in a foreign country.  I cried AGAIN, this time twice.  Everything in the care package was super fun, and I absolutely loved it!!!

What made me cry the first time was digging into the package and finding a whole slew of notes from friends!!

This caused instant crying.  CRY!  Cry, cry. 

It was also really fun to go through and see all the goodies inside...I got lots of super fun things like a cute hat, lots of cute sunglasses, my favorite deodorant, fun snacks (including Twilight gum, amazing.), a big 11x14 picture of me and friends photo shopped together, and even a bar of soap w/ money in it!! :)  

If there’s anything that I need more of, it’s soap & money, let’s just be honest with each other. (Come on, big $50!!)

The wasabi peas were supposed to be for salads because I loved having these on Asian salads at home, but I ended up just eating them straight out of the can.  And the Raisinettes, I don't know, maybe they all accidentally rolled out of the box while I was Skyping with Katrina, and I just picked them up off the floor one by one, blew them off, and put them back in the box and continued eating them.  It's just hypothetical, maybe I didn't.  Let's all pretend I have standards and a really clean floor.

And then when I got to the bottom of the box, and saw a picture of one of my coworkers from my job at Watermark dressed up like a monkey eating a banana, the crying started all over again.

You wouldn’t think that a picture of a coworker dressed like a monkey would start crying bout #2.  I think it all just hit me out of nowhere how much I really do miss my friends and all the things I loved so much about my life in Dallas.  For example, my hilarious and super fun coworkers.  

I knew that what was below that first monkey picture was stack of all the other hilarious pictures from our daily hilarity at work.  I knew I was leaving the best job, boss, coworkers, friends and family to come here, but I guess it all just hit me at once.  I feel like I’ve been doing great here and have not had any major bouts of home sickness.  But the crying that ensued here made me realize that I really do miss everyone.  A lot.

The whole thing was fun, made me smile, obviously made me cry, and was just a great reminder of the amazing friends I have, which also led to the realization of how much I miss them.   

All that to say…thanks to everyone who contributed, that meant a lot to me, made me feel loved, and it was so sweet to get notes from all of you.  Meant the world.

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  1. Please post a picture of you in the hat! The people want to see your utter cuteness! Give the people what they want!

    Jean Parm