Saturday, July 9, 2011

First Care Package

Awesomeness #3: My first care package came in the mail!!

Continuing the theme of awesomeness that has occurred over the past few weeks...I got my first care package!!!!  It was so awesome, you have no idea.  Such a surprise, super thoughtful, tons of fun & useful things inside, and encouragement & inspiration to boot!  Really one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me, just out of the blue like that.  First of all, it was super cute, and I almost didn’t want to open it.

 But I did. 

The first thing I found was a Curious George book…

that was personalized throughout to include Scripture (which made me start crying on the first page already)

and little things like this:

The whole book is just about going out on your own and how it’s scary, but you’ll see great things, and even if you crash and fall or get lost, those kinds of things happen on an adventure, and this is a part of pursuing your dreams.  Anyway, I cried through the WHOLE thing because I was right in the middle of a rough patch where I was feeling overwhelmed by all that is ahead of me as I figure out my next steps here in Paris and the things I want to do, so it was timed PERFECTLY and was a huge encouragement to me.  Who knew Curious George could be so applicable to life??

And then all the other awesome and fun things that were in there just made it a really fun surprise and it was just a huge blessing, lots of fun, and I just absolutely loved it.

It made my week, to say the least. Couldn't even say thanks enough if I tried.

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